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About Me

Erika Jensen - Home Baker & Decorator


Baking has been a part in my life since I was a small child. I grew up in the kitchens of my grandparents' homes in Dubuque, Iowa; first just licking the spoon, and slowly helping more and more as I became tall enough to reach the counter tops. Eventually it became more than just  baking, as my grandfather and I started "kicking it up a notch" with decorations on our creations.

When the time for college came I decided to follow my heart and continue on my  baking journey. I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated with a certificate in Baking & Patisserie Arts. After school I moved back home and started my first real career position as an assistant to the Pastry Chef at The Diamond Jo Casino, where I learned so much about the lifestyle I was about to ensue. 

Five years, three states, and a lot of bakery experience later, my husband and I decided to plant our roots by purchasing our first home in Neapolis, Tn. This brought me the kitchen of my dreams, where I couldn't help but be inspired to branch out on my own. After a year or so of working full time and also decorating cakes at home, I finally had enough clientelle to quit my job, form my own LLC, and become a full time bakery!

Nowadays I continue to love creating sweet designs out of my kitchen, and dream to someday have a storefront of my own. I am so appreciative of the continued support of my family, friends, and community, and I know with all of them this dream will also soon come true! 

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